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Blissful Journey Day Spa


Permanent Make Up Studio

114 West Corbin Street

Hillsborough, NC



 In Loving Memory

Lisa Revels

It broke our hearts to lose you, your presence will always be missed. You were such a huge part of the Blissful Journey Day Spa family, we will always remember your bright shiny smile and kind heart. You brought so much happiness to so many lives. Your memory we will always treasure, loving you always, forgetting you never. We pray for your children and hope to help give them the life you've always wanted for them. You and your family will always be in our prayers. We love you so much and surely you are one of the most beautiful angels in heaven.  

Donna Lynn Freeland

If words could only express our deep-felt sympathy for the passing of our dear friend Donna Freeland. Donna was absolutely one of the most amazing, beautiful, kind-hearted human beings I have ever known. She has certainly touched the hearts and lives of so many. Always so kind and thoughtful. I know the Lord has prepared her the most beautiful place. I am certain that Donna has made Him so proud of her and her works. Heartfelt tears of sympathy cannot express how much she will be missed. God truly blessed us all with Donna's friendship, love, and her beautiful spirit.

Debbie Jordan Braxton

On January 8, 1955, God blessed us all with his unlimited knowledge, devotion and love for us with Mrs. Debbie Jordan Braxton. In his infinite wisdom and divine plan, he gifted Debbie with the amazing ability to teach. She took his word and gift and placed it in her heart. God was constantly watching over Mrs. Debbie's progress. He was so pleased with how she taught to love, joy, laughter, enthusiasm, family, and friendship. Her deep love for children and her ability to meet and love so many people amazed him so much that he decided that she truly earned the almighty wings of Heaven. God knew that Debbie was one of his finest students and that she would graduate with honors from her life walk into his kingdom of everlasting life and love. Debbie did so much while she was here on earth, I can only imagine what she can do from Heaven. Our amazing Debbie will truly be missed and never forgotten. God bless you Debbie Braxton and all of those that you have touched. 

Chase Underhill and Kacie Chamberlain

We will always Cherish the love, laughter and beautiful spirits of Chase Underhill and Kacie Chamberlain. We will always remember how much their young lives gave us in so many ways. We will always hold on to how they touched each and every one of us, as they will live in our hearts forever.

At this moment lets always reach out and continue to pray for the families that have endured such a great loss. Let's pick them up in their darkest hours and pray that our dear Lord Jesus continues to comfort their hearts and heal their deep wounds.