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Blissful Journey Day Spa


Permanent Make Up Studio

114 West Corbin Street

Hillsborough, NC



Blissful Journey Product Line

Aroma Bella® is committed to the highest standards of product quality and integrity. The products marketed by Aroma Bella® are prepared with exacting care and personal attention, thus ensuring the freshest and purest natural cosmetics on the market today. Our products are created fresh daily, in small batches, without animal ingredients, synthetics, toxic elements or chemical preservatives

The philosophy behind the production of Aroma Bella's luxurious skincare line reflects our ongoing concerns, both for the environment and animal testing. Only renewable sourced ingredients are used in Aroma Bella's innovative product line: the finest organic herbs, exotic botanical oils, rare plant extracts, mineral-rich clays, natural vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. 

With pride, commitment and care, Aroma Bella® continue to be a leader and an innovator in the field of 100% natural skincare. You have invited to experience the natural approach to healthy, beautiful skin, Aroma Bella® ... 

"Nature has never been so pure"

Aroma Bella has been committed to the highest standards of natural skincare manufacturing since 1983. We invite you to experience a totally natural approach to healthy beautiful skin. The 100% vegetarian products have been produced with this philosophy in mind:

"Since anything that is applied to the skin can be potentially absorbed by the body system, the quality and nature of our ingredients can only be of the highest purity. Our responsibility as the leaders of unpreserved formulations is to supply the masses with clean, nourishing and healthy products that perform with the highest efficacy possible."

  • No Parabens
  • No Synthetic Preservatives
  • No Animal Derivatives
  • No Dyes
  • No Synthetic Fragrances
  • No Silicones
  • No Mineral Oil
  • No Sodium Laurel Sulfate
  • No Alcohol

Eminence Organic Skin Care

Eminence Organic Skin Care was introduced to North America by Hungarian natives Attila and Boldijarre Koronczay in 1996. The Hungarian tradition of skincare is quite unique and, as a result, Hungarian skincare has developed a substantial following throughout the world. Eminence Skin Care began as an effort to introduce the North American market to organic skincare products produced by a reputable and well established Hungarian manufacturer. Eminence began by marketing Hungarian products that have been in continuous production since 1958. In recent years, however, Eminence has changed its Hungarian manufacturing partners and facilities in an effort to provide a broader array of products of ever-improving quality and utility. Today, Eminence is the leading provider of organic skincare products from Hungary within the United States. Eminence Organic Skin Care is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia and the products are manufactured in Hungary.

Eminence is a leader in green practices within the skincare industry. The company's ingredient farm in Hungary is completely powered by wind and solar energy and utilizes geothermal heating for the laboratory. Natural compost is used as fertilizer. Planting and harvesting are done manually and chemical insecticides are not used. The packaging is also green and consists of innovative recycled and recyclable materials.

Eminence produces its skincare products with organically grown ingredients. The entire line is free of parabens, mineral oil, petrolatum, magnesium aluminum silicate, and sodium lauryl sulfate. Artificial colors and fragrances are also absent. Eminence formulations are designed to incorporate the highest possible levels of hand-selected herbs, fruits, and vegetables. The harvested ingredients are processed for four months in controlled conditions to remove naturally occurring bacteria. Mass production techniques involving heating or hydrogenation are strictly avoided. The products are ultimately formulated utilizing pH 9.5 water with trace minerals drawn from a thermal hot spring lake. Product shelf life is in excess of one year with the use of natural fruit pectin derived preservatives.

Eminence products are produced in small batches. As such, different batches have slightly different colors and, potentially, very slight differences in fragrance. Eminence packages much of their offering in clear jars. As I've discussed before, customers like jars even though they are not always the best choice for products. With Eminence, however, the texture of many of the products is simply not conducive to packaging in pump containers. Additionally, clear jars allow the plant-derived product colors a forum for full expression.

Treating Pain Naturally

Cryoderm is a natural product that is 100% Silicone Dioxide Free, Propylene Glycol free, Paraben-free, Isopropyl Alcohol-free, Dye-free, and Gluten-free!

CyroDerm Cold Therapy contains all-natural ingredients which include MSM, Arnica, Boswellia, Eucalyptus, ILEX, Menthol, and Peppermint Oil.

CyroDerm Heat Therapy contains all-natural ingredients which include MSM, Arnica, Boswellia, Green Tea, Yucca, Menthol, Aloe, Vitamin E, ILEX, Camphor, & Capsaicin.

You may use CyroDerm to provide pain relief from:

*Back, Muscle, and Shoulder Pain

*Muscle Sprains, Strains, Spasms, Sore Muscles, & Muscle Cramps.

*Foot, Heel, and Ankle Pain, Leg Cramps, Neuromas, Diabetic Neuropathy, and Plantar Fasciitis

*Arthritis, Bursitis, and Tendonitis

*Painful Elbow, Wrist, Hip, Knee, and Ankle Joints